The Accident 

At 18 Luke was looking forward to starting college in the fall, where he was enrolled in computer sciences. His parents were able to pay for his first year’s tuition.

His agility, swiftness and 6 foot 4 stature had earned him a partial scholarship playing basketball in high school. This scholarship was enough to cover most of his books and computer equipment. He took a job at a local hotel as a valet to earn enough money for the other expenses that would crop up during the upcoming year. He still lived with his parents and the college was a short distance from his home.

He enjoyed parking the luxury and exotic cars the hotel patrons drove. One day a customer drove up in a BMW M5. Luke was very impressed with the car and commented on how luxurious it looked.

The Valet supervisor, John, a man in his late 30s, handed a receipt ticket to the owner of the BMW as he gave John the keys.

With a rye smile on his face, John looked at Luke, "Do you want to know what success feels like?"

Luke looked at him with a smile on his face. He knew John  meant taking the BMW for a drive on the open road.

"No we can't do that", said Luke. "It's against company policy".

"Hey I'm the supervisor, if I say we can, we can."

John tossed a get in look at Luke and got into the passenger's seat, setting his cane beside him. John had severely injured his leg in a skiing accident years before and need a cane for added support.

Luke got into the black BMW and marvelled at the exquisite interior, tan coloured leather seats, wood grained steering wheel, and the smell of new and expensive. Luke started the engine and spent a few minutes adjusting the seat and mirrors and revelling in the shear joy of the occasion.

With John buckled in, Luke started off slowly getting a feel for the car.

He turned onto the street beside the hotel and quickly accelerated to the posted speed limit.

"Let's go to Price Street and see what this machine can do." said John.

Luke quickly headed the car to the little-used street a few blocks away. Luke knew the street well. It was where he grew up and where his parents still lived.

Once there he looked down the street as far as he could see. No traffic, no pedestrians.

Luke gingerly pressed on the gas pedal, the car responded immediately and soon they were speeding down the road, gaining speed with each passing second. The BMW quickly reached 100 mph.

John was laughing and yelling "faster, faster".

Stepping harder on the gas pedal, the car accelerating to 125 mph in a second.

Price Street was divided in two parts. The first part was uphill and the second part was down hill. At the crest of the uphill a driver could not see what was on the other side.

John, squirming and laughing with excitement, yelled faster ... faster. Luke eased up on the gas pedal. The BMW started to slow down. Luke knew the dangers present at the top of the hill. He had seen many speeding cars get air borne as they sped up the hill.