Warren had been searching online dating sites for about 2 years. He knew what he wanted in a partner. Her looks, her height, her weight but all the women he met were not the ones for him.

One day out of the blue he got an email from one of the out-of-country dating sites.
The woman said that she had seen his bio and picture on the website and that he sounded nice.

Warren was 52 years old, divorced with no children. He had brown hair with just a touch of grey, 6’ 3” tall, and showing a bit of mid-belly sag. He wondered what she saw that she thought was nice! She also said if he replied, she would send him her picture.

Warren was very frustrated with the “online” dating thing but decided to give it one more chance.

“Sure send me your picture and more information about yourself.” He said in the reply email.

The next day he got an email from Saana. The picture almost blew him over.
On the screen was a picture of a woman that looked exactly like the woman of his dreams.

Saana lived in Yangon Myanmar. She was 5’ 7” tall, slender, and 45 years of age. She worked for the World Health Organization (WHO) as a secretary in Yangon. She was a widow with two daughters. Her husband was killed while serving in the army when the girls were still very young.

They lived in the home near the university with her mother and had enough from her income to make their lives comfortable.

Saana wanted to leave Myanmar. The fighting, poverty, and religious strife were taking a toll on her.

Alone she could do nothing. Being a secretary she couldn’t get assigned a posting in another city or country. She used the internet to search for a suitable man to hopefully marry and help them move to a better place.

Warren stopped reading at that point and wondered if he should continue with this correspondence. She was what he was looking for, but was she honest with him or just looking for someone to take advantage of and run away once she got what she wanted. He told himself that it might work and not to get too emotional about the situation until he got to know her better.