Without Time

“Hello,” said Jim.
“Hi there,” replied Robert.
That was all that was said as the two men passed each other in the corridor.
They knew each other briefly, but a time was coming when they would know the other as well as they know themselves.
Robert Higgins is a nuclear physics who is shortly going to start a crash training program for a mission that is, at the present, impossible to undertake.
Robert is 43 years old born in Oakville Ontario in November 2008. He is the only member of the Canadian Space Program who was married. He is also the oldest member by two years. His wife Mary, a tall slim woman with long brown hair, is a nurse in space medicine. They had met at CASER (Canadian Association for Space Exploration and Research). A government-owned project under the Department Of The Civil Services Branch located in Alberta.
Mary and Robert have two children, boys aged two and three years old. They are enrolled in the private school for specialized child growth and development near Edmonton Alberta.
The Higgins have a happy home life filled with excitement and contentment. Mary and Robert love their sons and spend all their off-work hours with them.

The other man to join the crash program is James T. Powell an electronics engineer, single with girlfriends scattered throughout the world. Jim is twenty-eight years old and has been with CASER for four years. He was born in Vancouver British Columbia January 2033. He had spent his early life at the school for child growth and development. He was placed there by the government when he was four years old shortly after his parents were killed in a skiing accident near Jasper.
Robert and Jim are to work together on a project that they only could dream about. CASER based most of its projects on the dreams and imaginative ideas of its members. This project which soon became known as RVATT (Remote Viewing and Thought Travel) was to be conceived and organized by Robert and Jim.