The Portal - A strange structure was located beneath the forest canopy in the state of Acre, Brazil. An archeological expedition was organized and trekked into the remote area in the dense Amazon jungle. After hacking their way through dense underbrush they came across a Victorian-style mansion built of granite.

On investigating the interior of the house they found it well furnished with period Victorian furniture. After about an hour they came out of the house and found that their watches indicated that they came out a day later.


Jennifer's Strange Visitor - Jennifer, a six-year-old girl is in her new playhouse for the first time. After setting up all the furniture she goes and gets her doll, Susy. When she gets back to the playhouse all the furniture is pushed against one wall. Jennifer has a mystery to solve and her dolls are going to help her find the answers.
Dracula's Son Meets The Enchanted Princess - David and his Newfoundland dog were bitten by an insect while playing in the park. What happened next lead him and his dog Klum on an adventure that spanned centuries. After weeks of traveling different lands he meets a beautiful princess who saves his life.

Mystery in The Playhouse - A 12-year-old boy is spending part of his summer on his uncle's farm. He discovers an old playhouse but is told to stay away from it because it is dangerous. He spends hours watching from a distance and notices mysterious things happening. Further investigation leads him on a wonderful adventure.

Forest Warrior - In 1603 a twelve your old boy is taken captive by a hunting party of Iroquois after his father was killed. Rescued by Algonquin natives he was accepted into the tribe after the medicine man started to teach him the ways of the tribe. After ten years he became a great medicine man and lead his tribe to victory over their enemies.

Without Time - Two astronauts with the Canadian Association for Space Exploration and Research happen to stumble upon the process of thought propulsion. This leads them to encounter aliens on other planets where they are not welcomed.

Saana - Saana is a widow with two daughters living in a third world country. Civil unrest and racial discrimination has made her life a constant battle of survival. She meets a man who loves her and will take her away from the chaos to a free and safe country. In Canada she enjoys the safety of her new home until a stranger wants to possess her.

The Internet Killer - Luke is a young man with a promising career as a computer specialist. He gets into trouble and is sent to jail where he learns to become a man of danger. Using his computer he kills his arch enemy in prison and when released from prison starts on a campaign of killing after a tragic accident.
The Internet Killer Trailer


The Final Battle: The Emergence Of A New Earth - A secret organization infiltrates and takes over the United Nations and tries to set up a world government using alien technology. This plan is thwarted with the arrival of an alien armada that wants to control the Earth Humans. A great battle takes place in space that desimates the defending space forces.

The Mystery In The Playhouse - A childrens bood about a 10 year old boy who discovers a mystery on his uncles farm and with the help of his uncle saves many lives. (Paperback Edition)

Flower On The Run - A 16 year old girl looses her concept of reality and is thrown into a world that is strange and forever changing.

The Houseboat - Renting a lake side cabin has it perks. A houseboat to use any time you want. Fishing and swimming aren't the only things that go on.